• Mami Mizutori
    Special Representative of the Secretary-General for Disaster Risk Reduction and Head of UNDRR
  • Armin Schuster
    Federal Office of Civil Protection and Disaster Assistance
  • Dr. Bärbel Kofler
    Federal Government Commissioner for Human Rights Policy and Humanitarian Assistance
  • Christian Reuter
    Secretary General
    German Red Cross
  • Dr. Irene Mihalic
    Domestic Policy Spokesperson
    Bündnis 90/Die Grünen
  • Mario Dobovisek
    Editor and Presenter
How do I get access to the website?

In order to have access to all the features on the website, you will need a code. This code should be sent out via email after you have submitted your registration. However, if you cannot find the email that includes the code, make sure to check the “Spam” folder as well. If you are still unable to find the code, you can always reach out to the support via the contact form (menu and here contact) and we will assist you.  Once you have received your code you can enter it in the “login” tab on the main page.

For a short video explanation please click here.

How can I use the platform?

Once you have logged in on the website you will see a menu button on the right top corner. By clicking on it you will see multiple subpages, such as program, speaker, my program, and many more. You will always have access to the menu button, no matter what subpage you are on. This means that by clicking on the menu button you will be able to switch between all possible subpages at any time. If you like to switch between languages, German or English, you can do so by choosing the language you want on the very top right corner.

For a short video explanation please click here.

What do I find on the Livestream page and how can I change between the studio and the sessions?

On the live stream site you will have access to the live stream, a chat function to the right of the stream, a timeline underneath, and a live blog on the very bottom of the page.
In order to switch between different program slots, you will have to look at the timeline underneath the live stream video. By clicking on a program slot you will be redirected to the according stream/meeting. Depending on what type of workshop you have chosen, you will either be redirected to a stream of a workshop or a zoom meeting of a workshop. If you wish to go back to the main live stream you can do so by either clicking on the timeline again or by using the menu function on the right top corner of the page. By clicking on the timeline while pressing down the left mouse button you can move the timeline to the left and right.

In case of any arising questions during the workshop/live stream, you can enter them in the chat on the right side of the live stream.
If you like to ask a question directly in person,  just click on the button “ask a question live”.
You will then be redirected to a zoom room, where we, the direction team, will welcome you before you will be connected to the live stream. So, you will not be in the live stream straight after clicking the “go live” button, you will first be talking to one of the representatives of the direction.

For a short video explanation please click here.

How can I get in touch with other participants?

If you like to interact with other participants you can do so by either using “Wonder.me” or reaching out to participants via the participant’s list.
On the second conference day during the break at 12 pm there is the possibility for exchange with other participants. You can access Wonder.me via the timeline below the livestream and here via the break at 12 pm on day 2. Once you click on that area, a new tab with Wonder.me will open up, where you have to log in. Please make sure to allow Wonder.me access to the camera and video and create your profile. If you have done so, you will be redirected to a “map” where you can move around. If you are close to other participants you will see that a conversation will start automatically.

Additionally, you can interact with other participants via the participant’s list. You can access the list via the menu function on the right top corner of the website and then, reach out to other participants via the chat function when you click on a participant.

For a short video explanation please click here.

How does the participants list work?

Via the particpiant’s list you have access to other people’s profiles and can interact with them. Please be aware that you will only see participants listed who have checked the box “Yes, I want to be listed in the participants list.”. So, if you like to be seen by other participants you will have to check such box. However, only participants who are logged in to the website will be able to see you. This means if you decide to be seen by others, your information will only be accessible by other participants who have logged in to the event.
In order to fill out your profile you have two options. Option 1 is to fill out your profile after you have logged in for the very first time. This is due to the fact that you will be redirected to the “My profile” subpage automatically after your first time logging in. However, if you choose to fill out your profile later on or if you like to adjust/correct any information in your profile, you always have the option to access the profile via the menu button on the right top corner of the website.

For a short video explanation please click here.


We look forward to a lively exchange, interesting discussions, and the opportunity to network. To ensure this, the following rules apply:
Interaction with each other is polite and respectful. Hate speech, racist, sexist or insulting comments in the chat will not be tolerated. Commercial advertising and spam are not welcomed. If rules are violated, participants may be excluded and posts will be deleted.

You are looking for a contact of the organisers (German Red Cross)?

Please write an email to: Fachtagung-Katastrophenvorsorge@drk.de
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